Posted by: tpsciencefun | October 27, 2009

Win Tickets When You Pledge to Save Water

20 gallon challenge

Take advantage of this fun contest with a worthy cause and  make your pledge to save water!!! Every drop DOES matter!

Go online with your parents, click on Take the PLEDGE  and fill out the online pledge form.   Once submitted, your names will be entered in a monthly drawing to win four tickest to four of San Diego’s greatest attractions.

Go online to

PS-A few quick questions…..

What do you think is the biggest user of energy in the state of California???

  1.  Your lights 
  2.  Your car 
  3.  The power needed to get water into your home  
  4.  Your hair dryer

What is the biggest user of water at your home?

  1. The dryer
  2. The shower
  3. The toilet
  4. The sprinkler system

Let me know what your answers are!



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