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The Art of Survival!

How do they do it?? How do Arctic plants and animals  survive in one of the  harshest,  most dramatic ecosystems on Earth.  The answer is simple: ADAPTATIONS FOR SURVIVAL.

We will start our polar bear adventure together with a few pictures to demonstrate one of the most amazing adaptation called CAMOUFLAGE.   See if you can find an arctic hare and a polar bear the pictures below.  Don’t move on to the next picture until you have looked long and hard.  Double click on each picture to make it bigger. When and if you give up, look at the next picture for a clue until the animal is in plain sight.

GOOD LUCK.  Ms. Polar Bear

1. Find the Arctic Hare. (Clue, very similar to a rabbit.)

polar bear fun 303

polar bear fun 302

hare and seek

2. Find the young polar bear who is possibly on its own for the first time.  Cubs usually stay with their mom for the first two to three years. During this time she will teach them to hunt for their favorite food, seals, and survive on their own.  When the mama bear feels the time has come, she chases off her off-spring so they can have their own family some day and she can have more cubs.

polar bear fun 351

polar bear fun 350

polar bear fun 352

polar bear fun 360

polar bear fun 364



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