Posted by: tpsciencefun | December 15, 2009

What Is A Drought?

“Water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink“. (An excerpt from “The Rime Of The Ancient Mariner”  by Coleridge.

Where does our San Diego water come from?  Some of you might say, “Rain”, but unfortunately that’s not how it works.  We live in a desert. Deserts have 10 inches of rain or less per year  which is why there is not enough water naturally to support us.  Over the last few years we have not even received our 10 inches so we are definitely in a DROUGHT. 

How can we be in a drought if we already live in a super dry place???  Simply put, no rain or less rain than we normally receive = a drought. 

See what you can do to help save the water we do have and learn about where most of our water really comes from.

To learn more about droughts go to:

To learn more about where our water comes from go to:





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