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Energy and Work


What does that mean? WEll, when you eat, you are giving your body the energy to do work. We measure food energy in calories.  We measure heat energy doing work  in BTUs. We measure sound  energy doing work  in decibels.  What are some other forms of energy and how do we measure them?  Let me know what you discover.

Watt,, watt…watt did you say!!  Oh,  you think you’re a light bulb???  🙂

If you want to learn more about energy and its ability to do work, burn some calories by using your brain and read on!!

“In the world of physics, energy is often defined as the ability to do work. For instance, the energy of the wind that moves a windmill might create electricity or through a process of gears it might turn a pump for water. A car engine on the other hand will turn a set of gears in a transmission which then turns the tires and makes the car go. We call this energy horsepower and that’s how we measure it; horsepower is the ability to do work and it is a measurement stick.

The human brain uses food for energy to help it think. The amount of energy the human brain uses and the amount of work it’s able to do varies from person to person; same with someone’s physical ability.

The human brain is so smart it is able to figure out the easiest way to do work, saving energy and while also  making other forms of  energies more efficient and effective.  Thus, it is really important to pay attention to what kind of food/energy you are putting into your body.” 

Feed your body healthy stuff and use your brain to the best of your ability.  Now… get out there and enjoy some good calories!!!

*Excerpts from Energy Defined as The Ability to Do Work

By Lance Win



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