Posted by: tpsciencefun | October 6, 2010

A Cow and Her Calf Visit TPES

1. How many stomaches does a cow have?

2. Why is a cow in the mammal classification?

3. What do cows like to eat?

4. What  does a cow feel like?

5. What is a baby boy cow called?

These questions and many more were answered this past Wednesday when the Dairy Council of California brought their Mobile Dairy Classroom to our school. They actually drove their vehicle right on to the playground and onboard they had a real cow, Marge and her calf, Dottie .  All students and their teachers had an opportunity to learn about and even pat a real calf during this fun, interactive presentation. 

The Dairy Council also provided our school with standards based teaching materials for each grade level that compliment our emphasis on leading a  healthy lifestyle.

To learn more about dairy nutrition and other cool things go to:


!. One stomach, four compartments, 2. Mom’s produce milk, 3. Plant products/Herbivores, 4. Soft and furry/fuzzy, 5. Bull calf.



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