Posted by: tpsciencefun | October 27, 2010

Bettas and Bubbles

Why on earth are there so many bubbles in my betta fish’ habitat!!!??? I could think of many reasons, but the real answer is the best!! I just  learned about this phenomena today from a astute parent, Leanne Chukoskie, Zach’s Mom.  Wow, I never knew this!! So, to confirm her information, I did a littel research online and this is what I discoverd!!  Now you can be an expert too.  READ ON………..

Why are there tiny bubbles coating the surface perimeter of my betta’s fish bowl?

Answers: Your betta is creating what’s called a “bubble-nest”, which is an indicator that he is happy in his environment.  This is what male betta’s do. The male betta will blow bubbles and eventually make a bubble “nest”. Betta’s are surface breathing fish also referred to as labyrinth fish. So betta’s make bubble nests to stick their eggs into so that when they hatch they do not drown.  Bubble nests are created from air bubbles coated with saliva.

In a normal setting when the fishes mate, the eggs would be put into the bubbles by the male betta. After which, the eggs would be guarded until they hatch and then he watches over the hatchlings.



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