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Presto, Chango…See the Invisible Light

 Job well done scientists!! We sold a lot of the UV Smart-Beads and raised funds for our Student Council and The American Melanoma Foundation.  We will have more bags of beads for sale next Wednesday, December 15th right  after school until we run out!!!

Thanks for supporting our school!!            Ms. Isom 🙂

You can not get sunburn on a cloudy day.  (T/F)

You can not get a sunburn on a cold, winter day. (T/F)

You can feel and see ultraviolet light. (T/F)

Dark clothing is the best color to wear for sun protection. (T/F)

If I have on a t-shirt, I don’t need to wear sunscreen or worry about getting too much sun. (T/F)

These are just a few of the interesting science questions  you can answer with the special ultraviolet sensing beads we will be selling at the TPES Student Council Holiday Fundraiser.  Please come by and check out the gifts bags we will be selling  after school  next Wednesdays (Dec. 8th ).  The price/ bag is only $5.00 and  includes 100 UV beads, a mystery charm, and four stretchy bracelets all nicely packaged by some hard working students!!!

All supplies have all been donated by the American Melanoma Foundation (AMF).  All  proceeds will go to our Student Council  with a small percentage going back to the AMF in our effort to give back and contribute to an important cause!! 

Please check out the AMF“s amazing website for fun activites, games, and of course, science information galore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

P.S. Be sure to check out the kid section for their SunWise contest and interactive games.



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