Posted by: tpsciencefun | December 9, 2010

Local Science Inside and Out

Vacation and Holiday Ideas!  Take staying home to a new level!  Discover science indoors and outdoor!!!


Get out and hike Torrey Pines Reserve.  See if you can see the different layers of sedimentary rock and explain why the cliffs are falling and the canyons eroding.  I could go there everyday and still something new every time.



Go to Birch Aquarium and touch living tide pool creatures.  Gaze into the eyes of a dancing seahorse.  Act like a fish and imagine swimming in the kelp forest. 

Make your own science experiments by helping in the kitchen.  Kitchen science is not only fun, but yummy too. (Be sure to have adult supervision!!)  Start by looking how things are classified in the refrigerator, the cabinets, and the drawers. Next, see if you can follow a recipe and make something fun to eat.


Bona Petite and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!



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