Posted by: tpsciencefun | February 27, 2011

Best Family Science Night Ever!!

A night of “Fantastic Physics”  set the stage for our 3rd annual Family Science Night. Nearly 250 students and parents alike were enthusiastically engaged and competing to make the best roller coaster, build the most structurally sound and earthquake-proof  structure, prefect the Bernoulli Effect, spin their tops, launch their catapults, and more. A huge thank you to all the families and volunteers that participated in this awesome hands-on event that promoted scientific thinking and fun for all. We couldn’t have done it without the education department from Reuben H. Fleet Science Center and the brilliant La Jolla High Science Team.
I must say, Science is just too much fun.
Thanks to our team of teacher volunteers- Mrs. Keating, Mrs. Lin and Mr. Kent
Ms. Isom 🙂
P.S. A gigantic thanks to the best Foundation for funding the Reuben H. Fleet Education Team.


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