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Earth Day Is Just Around The Corner

April 22, 2011 is EARTH DAY.  What will you do to honor the Earth and help implement change on a daily bases!??? After all,  every day should be EARTH DAY.

Check our how chemistry and Earth Day go hand-in-hand. For even  more fun and information about chemistry visit them on the web.

Earth Day and Chemistry

How Chemists Celebrate Earth Day

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Earth Day and chemistry go hand-in-hand, since so many of the environmental issues facing the world involve chemicals, as do most of the solutions to environmental problems. Here’s a look at how chemistry and Earth Day are related and how chemists celebrate Earth Day.

Chemistry Topics Related to Earth Day

If you think about it, nearly every area of chemistry has an effect on the environment or can be used to study the world around us.

  • What lab chemicals contribute to air, water or soil pollution?
  • How would you stock a “green” chemistry lab?
  • What chemicals are used to remediate oil spills? Why is petroleum toxic?
  • How much oxygen is released by trees? How much carbon dioxide is released? Is there more oxygen produced than carbon dioxide?
  • Why is low-phosphate detergent kinder to the environment? What is the trade-off using a low phosphate detergent if more water or energy must be used to get clothes or dishes clean?

How Chemists Celebrate Earth Day

Each year, the American Chemical Society or ACS promotes a theme relating Earth Day to chemistry. Additionally, if you are a chemist or chemistry student, you can celebrate like a chemist! Anything you choose to do that relates to studying the impact of chemistry on the environment, reducing the number and type of hazardous chemicals you release or finding ways to use chemistry to address existing problems is Earth Day chemistry.



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