Posted by: tpsciencefun | April 13, 2011

UV Checker Alert!!

Today is cloudy and cool so is there still a chance your epidermis (skin) could get  sun burned?  Are the ultraviolet rays from the sun still coming through even though it’s not sunny and warm??

I hope your answered, ” OF COURSE” !  To discover how easily you can protect your epidermis and still play outside, check out the AMF website at:

Today’s sun-smart tip:

Dermatologists recommend applying, as a minimum, SPF 15 sunscreen at least 20 minutes before going out into the sun? Pre-application of sunscreen allows it to properly absorb into the skin for maximum protection BEFORE sun exposure begins.  If you’re like the 71 percent who reported not pre-applying sunscreen prior to sun exposure, take a moment to pre-apply the next time you’re heading out for some fun in the sun.

P.S. If you are interested in purchasing some fun UV Checkers, check out our site



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