Posted by: tpsciencefun | April 27, 2011

Trouble in Incubator City

Hello fellow chicken fans.  We have been rotating and recording the steps being taken to help our 12 chicken eggs in Awesome Science.  However, we have encountered a problem of possibly fatal consequences.  Our incubator has a new problem; it does not want to stay shut.   This problem developed  just the other night and of course the temperature inside the incubator dropped.  When I came in yesterday, I was horrified to see the door open and the inside temperature a chilly 82 degrees farenheit! I quickly brought the temperature back up to 98 degrees with a humidity of 50%.  However, it is an unknown as to whether or not our little chicks life cycle has come to an end or if they are still developing inside.

Since this is a true science experiment, we will continue to carefully monitor the situation and keep you posted.  Or, feel free to stop by for a look-see and to share an information you might have about this turn of events!

Happy Wednesday-Ms. Isom

PS–If you AND YOUR PARENTS want a chick if they do hatch, please bring a signed note to Awesome Science.



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