Posted by: tpsciencefun | May 25, 2011

What’s the Fourth State of Matter??

Ask a 4th or 5th grade scientists at TPES and you’ll get your answer….PLASMA. “Examples of plasma include stellar gas clouds and stars, lightning, the ionosphere (which includes auroras), the interiors of fluorescent and neon lamps and some flames”Here are a few photos of lightning and plasma pictures. One way to think of plasma is as an ionized gas or as the fourth state of matter. The electrons in plasma are not bound to protons, so charged particles in plasma are highly responsive to electromagnetic fields.

Back by popular demand, General Atomics presented their interactive science assemble with the awesome Mr. Lee who captured the attention of our students Our 4th or 5th graders can bring you up to speed about the states of matter, including plasma, “Plasma is by far the most common form of visible matter. Plasma in the stars and in the tenuous space between them make up over 99% of the visible universe.“

Thanks again to General Atomics for another action packed assembly that brought the house down with liquid nitrogen experiments, neon and argon gases, frozen fingers, expanding gloves, ridiculously strong magnets and the one and only entertaining scientist, Mr. Rick Lee.

Also, a giganitic thanks to the Blue family for their introduction to this amazing opportunity!!



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