Posted by: tpsciencefun | November 14, 2011


moon phases diagram

Have you ever wondered what the moon will look like on your next birthday, a holiday or even on another continent?  Do you think there is a way to find this out?  The answer is most definitely YES  because the moon has its own special cycle.  The changes of the moon, called phases,  have been observed and recorded over time so we know exactly  how it will look during its repeating four week cycle.  (Also, think about what causes the tide cycles……..

What other Earth cycles do you know that are fun to observe and study? How about the water cycle?  Would there be clean, fresh water on Earth without the water cycle? Absolutely not.  Do we get “new” water on Earth from outer space?  Can we just make more?   It’s important and interesting to know where our water comes from and how we can conserve it.  (To learn more–click on Where does our water come from?)

How about the cycle that gives us our beautiful sunrise and sunset, day after day, year after year?!! How about the 4 seasons?  How about all the cycles that make life work?? Cycles drive the science behind why and how everything on Earth works, survives and constantly changes.

Earth’s  cycles are endless (no pun intended) so put on your cycle cap and think of all the cycles you know.  Thinking about what makes them work and why they are so important.



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