Posted by: tpsciencefun | November 28, 2011

Rock On Rock Cycle

Do rocks change into other kinds of rocks? Do rocks have a their own cycle?  Do rocks have off-spring?  Well, that last question is silly, but rocks do change and they do have their own cycle, but it’s different from cycles that have off-spring because,of course,  rocks are non-living.

Rocks do change into other kinds of rocks.  Rocks do change size, going from big to small and back again.  Rocks and the building blocks of rocks, minerals, have never been alive so they are inorganic.  There are Earth materials, however, that…” are made up of plant and animal matter.  Over millions and millions of years ago, when plants and animals died, their bodies decomposed and were buried under layers of earth.  Millions of years later, we have the three forms of organic (once alive) earth materials called fossil fuels.”

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