Posted by: tpsciencefun | April 9, 2013

Strawberry Ah-Ha!!!

I just love that we can continue to learn something new everyday, no matter how old we get.  I had the most remarkable experience in Awesome Science yesterday when a third grade scientist, Jenny Kim, explained to me that the little dots we see on the outside of a strawberry are in fact not the seeds.  The fact is the true seeds are even smaller and are found inside of each little ‘dot.’  Turns out that the little ‘dots’ that we see  are actually little individual fruits called achenes (ah-keens). (Read below and/or click here.)  And, inside each achene is the true seed.  AMAZING.

I am so proud of Jenny.  Not only did I learn something new from her research, but at the beginning of the year she did not even speak English. Way to go Jenny!!

Strawberries are called aggregate fruits which means that the strawberry is formed through many ovaries ripening.  The “seeds” on the outside of the strawberry are actually
individual little “fruits” that have ripened in their own separate
ovaries.  These little “seeds” are called achenes (ah-keens) and inside
each achene is a little seed!!



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