Posted by: tpsciencefun | January 28, 2014

King Tides

Time is fast approaching for more astronomically high tides at our beaches.  Would you like to be part of a large study documenting the affects of rising sea levels and changing tides?  If so,  why don’t you visit the California King Tides Initiative to learn how you can be help document and become an important part of this fact finding mission.

From California King Tides Initiative–“Snap the shore, see the future! Please join the California King Tides Initiative on January 29-31 for your second chance this season to capture the year’s highest tides, or king tides. These extreme tides provide a glimpse of what the state can expect as sea level rises. Participating is easy: simply grab your camera or smart phone and head to the coast or bay during the high tides, and then post your photos on the California King Tides Initiative’s Facebook and Flickr pages with the time, date, and location of the image.

Below are the dates for the next super high tides so get out your cameras and see how your area is being impacted.  Also, don’t forget, when there are really high tides, there are also really low tides as part of the 24 hour tide cycle.  So, the dates below would be awesome for tide pooling too, but you have to figure out the times!!  Remember, it’s a cycle….hint, hint!!

January 29, 2014 — 6.63 ft, 7:17 am
January 30, 2014 — 6.72 ft, 8:04 am
January 31, 2014 — 6.55 ft, 8:51 am


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